Product Index

Herbold Product Index

Single-shaft shredder (HR series)
A real work-horse with innovative development in size reduction. Equipt with user-friendly micro-processor control and has all advantages of a single-shaft shredder control

Pulverizers (PU series)
High speed grinders for pulverizing different kinds of materials
Hammer Mills
Washing Units
Plastic Compactors

Cincinnati Product Index

Single Screw Extrusion Technology

Conical Twin Screw Extruders
Parallel Twin Screw Systems
Co-Rotating Parallel Twin Screw
Wood Fibre Plastic Composite Systems
Milacron Screws & Barrels & Aftermarket enhancements
Sheet Systems

Wear Technologies Product Index

Twin Screw Extrusion - Barrels and Screws

PSI Product Index

Continuous screen changers

Continuous single bolt screen changers
Discontinuous screen changers
Manual screen changers
In Line Filters
Extrusion Gear Pump
Chemical and Industrial Pumps
Direct Valves
Uniflo Mixers

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