Cincinnati Milacron Global Extrusion Systems

First incorporated in 1884, Milacron Inc. is a leading global supplier of plastics-processing technologies and industrial fluids, with major manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe and Asia. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, we have about 3,200 employees. 

Cincinnati Milacron Extrusion Systems, a unit of Milacron is a global leader in providing extrusion process technology for the Plastics Industry and for Wood/Natural Fiber Plastic Composite applications.   The company focus is on applying extensive conical and parallel twin screw extruder along with single screw extruder product lines to meet customer specific extrusion needs.  Capabilities range from complete extrusion systems to single unit extruders.  Additional emphasis is placed on providing screw design technology, single and twin, for new extruders and retrofits for existing extruders.  The retrofit technology is available for most makes and models of extruders in addition to those provided for existing Milacron extruders that have been installed and productive for many years.

For over thirty years, Cincinnati Milacron has been a leading supplier to those who extrude Window & Custom Profile, Fence, Decking & Railing, Pipe & Tubing, Sheet, Siding, Gutters & Downspouts, and many other products extruded from Rigid PVC and other Alternative Materials.  And, Cincinnati Milacronís pioneering work in extrusion technology for Wood-fiber Plastic Composites has led to the use of proprietary twin screw extruder technology for a very large share of the decking & railing and other custom shape WPC products available on the market today.

With Cincinnati Milacronís single screw extruder product lines, seasoned industry experts with comprehensive knowledge of todayís emerging extrusion technologies applying them directly to meet the toughest processing challenges.  Extruders range in size from 25mm up through 300mm, with standard L/D ratioís of 24:1 and 30:1.  Longer L/Dís are available depending on the process requirements.  Typical applications include Sheet, Custom Profile; Pipe, Compounding, Medical Tubing, Foam Extrusion; blown film, Cast Film, and other specialty applications.

Cincinnati Milacron has grown substantially over the past decade, and business units and product line brand names that are the foundation of our Extrusion Technology are well known throughout the industry:

         Cincinnati Milacron                                    Twin Screw Extruders (Conical & Parallel Counter-rotating)

Single Screw Extruders (Smooth and Grooved Bore)

         Wear Technology                                       New and Rebuilt Barrels and Screws; Barrel and Screw Retrofits

         Progress Precision                                   New and Rebuilt Single Screw Barrels and Screws


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